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We are in the front line of the environmental safeguard

Once you’ve cut down the last tree, fished the last fish, polluted the last river, you’ll realize that you cannot eat money.
It is with this spirit that Eco-hotels were built in Riccione in November 1997.




  1. Create less rubbish and manage waste effectively, that is compatibly with the environment. Choose zero-waste products and with less packaging, returnable bottles for drinks, cleaning products refills, and so on. Adhere to recycling and differentiated refuse collection programmes.
  2. Reduce water and energy waste for water heating, rather obtainable through the use of technologies at our disposal, such as water stream accelerators for showers, taps, and nozzles. Promote, towards clients, such positive attitudes.
  3. Opt for energy saving and energy recovery, by reducing laundry service and by installing low-energy light bulbs.
  4. Use healthier foods and without chemical substances(pesticides and fungicides),like fruits and vegetables all biologically cultivated or anyway grown using low impact methods.
  5. Enhance local traditions and foods. Promote and suggest regional dishes prepared with typical products: local fish, meat and cheese with regional brands, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  6. Incentive collective transportation, both public and private also through the distribution of special tickets, available from Transport Agencies.
  7. Spread and encourage the use of less polluting means of transport. Promote bicycle lanes, cycle and pedestrian pathways, the rental and free use of bicycles and the use of electric means of transport.
  8. Hold down the noise in the hotel and in the vicinity, especially by night, by promoting correct behaviour in tourists and supporting public initiative in that regard.
  9. Enhance cultural and environmental heritage, through alternative tourism proposals, with naturalistic and landscape itineraries, and tours to sites that reveal at best the local historical and cultural reality.
  10. Involve tourists in the implementation of this Decalogue and in  the evaluation of the environmental use of the hotel. Hand out the vademecum containing a form for the declaration of the clients’ level of satisfaction concerning the goals assumed by the hotelier.

In association with:

  • Associazione Albergatori di Riccione
  • Comune di Riccione
  • Legambiente Turismo

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