Our history

1938 – Gastone Vanucci, at the tender age of 11,starts moving his first steps into business by selling postcards on the beach to the first tourists on vacation in Riccione.Ever since then he is suddenly distinguished for his remarkable imprenditorial spirit.

1952 – Brothers Albo and Gastone Vanucci started work in the hospitality trade by managing the Giulietta guesthouse till 1955. Between them is their mother Ida, whose recipes are still included in our menus.

1955 – Inspired by the Rex, the famous transatlantic winner of the “Blue Ribbon” in 1933, the first designs were prepared for the Hotel Rex.

1956 The Vanucci Brothers opened the Hotel Rex.

1958 – Too many guests! The hotel grew by two storeys.

1960 – The Hotel Rex staff.

1971 – Note the safety equipment (lifebuoys on all the balconies!)

1978 – A fourth storey of rooms had to be added.

1981 – Thorough restyling.

2011 – The way we are today.

2015 – Presentation of the REX book Giulio Massobrio (winner “PremioBancarella”).

2016 – More space out, breakfast and drink in the sunshine.

2003At the helm of the Rex today-In the summer of 2003 the management passed definitively into the hands of Franco and Maurizio, who have always worked on board the Rex, continuing to sail the course charted by their father Gastone, a constant believer in TRADITION, HOSPITALITY and INNOVATION as the essential ingredients for perfect holidays.