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Ecological hotel in Riccione

We are at the forefront for protecting the environment

"When you have cut down the last tree, when you have caught the last fish, when you have polluted the last river, then you will realise that you cannot eat money."

This is the spirit behind Eco-hotels, created in Riccione in November 1997.


  • Produce less waste and implement environmentally sound disposal. Prefer purchases of goods using light, waste-free packaging, returnable empties for beverages, refill packs for detergents and others. Take part in separate collection and recycling programmes.
  • Reducing water and energy consumption for water heating, to be achieved by using available technologies such as shower flow accelerators, taps and dispensers. Promote the most appropriate behaviour to achieve these aims with guests.
  • Work on saving and recovering energy by reducing the amount of laundry used for washing, and installing energy-saving lamps. 
  • Use healthier foods that are free of chemicals (pesticides and fungicides), such as fruit and vegetables grown organically or in any case, using environmentally friendly methods.
  • Make the most of local traditions and specialities. Promote and make available regional dishes prepared with typical produce: local fish, meats and cheeses with regional brands, seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Incentivising group transport, both public and private, also by means of special tickets made available by transport companies.
  • Spread and encourage less polluting means of transport. Promote cycle paths and cycle-pedestrian routes, bicycles hire and leasing, and the use of electric vehicles.
  • Limit noise in the hotel and nearby areas, especially at night, also by promoting more correct behaviour by tourists, and supporting public initiatives in this regard.
  • Make the most of cultural and environmental assets, with unconventional tourist proposals, nature and landscape itineraries, and routes to places that best illustrate the local history and culture.
  • Involve tourists in the implementation of these rules, and in assessing the environmental use of hotels. Distribute the guide cum containing a form for declaring the degree of customer satisfaction with the hotelier's objectives.

In cooperation with:

Riccione Hoteliers Association
Municipality of Riccione
Legambiente Tourism

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