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…but don’t exaggerate, otherwise when you get back from Riccione you’ll need another holiday just to recover!

Open all year, Oltremare is the result of an investment of over 70 million euro, created by entrepreneurs who have worked successfully in the area for many years with Aquafan and Riccione Dolphinarium. The Oltremare Park offers a wealth of itineraries and exciting encounters with nature incorporated in an innovative architectural project where American technology and entertainment experience combine with Italian creativity.

Not just a leader in the world of waterparks, but much, much more, opened over 15 years ago but still as young as ever! Since it opened in 1987, AQUAFAN has been a focus for the latest trends and fashions, and perhaps this is why it goes so well together with RICCIONE! The continuing collaboration with RADIO DEEJAY and the exciting nights of the Walky Cup Disco with DJ Linus as Art Director make AQUAFAN a theme park packed with energy, just like you!

The famous and original theme parks that once again this years offers a host of extra opportunities and services. Try the exciting Treasure Hunt amongst monuments, mountains, arenas and miniature city squares. A great adventure not to be missed!

One of Europe’s major entertainment parks on the Adriatic Riviera, as shown by over 1,600,000 visitors last season. Technology, creativity and imagination combine in 37 different attractions located in 6 different theme areas in 70 hectares of greenery. Excitement, entertainment and relaxation guaranteed!

Yet again this year Fiabilandia has been renewed and enhanced, and new attractions include the Safari Park for an exotic adventure in contact with the most unexpected animals. The Orchard of Forgotten Fruits and the Farmhouse near the Old Farm are certain to satisfy your appetite for nature!

A new way to discover the sea, its creatures and its history. The extraordinary history of our seas and oceans from the origins of the world to modern time. Learn while you enjoy yourself in an unforgettable journey along the itineraries offered by the park. Join us for an interactive adventure into the heart of knowledge.

For lovers of the sea and boats…


When the weather gets too hot and sticky for comfort, what could be better than a cooling sea trip by sailing boat?
Captain Maurizio, a skilled skipper and a true enthusiast of the Adriatic, spends his whole winter lovingly restoring his “Green Eyes’ Princess” to make it even more comfortable every year, but without losing any of its yesteryear charms!
In just a few minutes you’ll leave the world’s liveliest beach behind you, and you’ll be surrounded by the peace and quiet of the Adriatic, with the gentle rustle of the breeze as the backdrop for this unforgettable experience.